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Monday, March 03, 2008

Keep track of your time

A computer opens up so many possibilities, that it's easy to lose track of time. Proves to be especially expensive for students and freelancers.

RescueTime is a desktop activities tracking application. It tracks and times all your activities including internet activities. Using the data it collected it can makes graphs and help you analyze how you spend your time.
It doesn't track activities of windows minimized or running in the background, but only ones focused on. You can tag your similar applications to track your work, amount of time spent on reading, movies, etc. You can also rate the productivities of the applications important to you ranging from -2 to +2.

You can also set targets to be reached, like ' Spend less than 1 hour every day on news'. The dampener is, when you do not comply with your target the warning comes as an email or rss alert. Wouldn't work with me, because I'm not really checking my email frantically. A better alert system would have been better, especially when they have a desktop application.

But nevertheless a really good application. If you are looking for something to track your browsing activites only, you could look at 8aweek's browser addon. it's good for setting browsing targets, because it has a popup, which immediately disables viewing the site.

If you are aware of similar products, add a comment.

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