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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Online project management tool

Basecamp by 37signals is one of the best project management applications available online. I've used it for a project of mine and it makes managing data among team members really easy.

On the project page you can

  1. upload files,
  2. create task lists and allot them to people,
  3. mark milestones and targets on the map,
  4. discuss things on the whiteboard,
  5. conference on the chat(not very comfortable though),
  6. send messages to the group
Another useful data they show, is the group activity like when was each member's last login and last activity. One thing missing is collaborative working on docs, excel sheets etc. But other than that Basecamp is neat and easy to manage. Also you can host it on your own domain as well.

I used it for one my projects which required us to work from different places, and it really increased productivity. The number of meetings we had, to discuss things, decreased drastically.

Here's a screenshot of the project page from the tour. Click for a bigger picture.

If you were wondering how to work on the project with a team spread across the world, try this.

I've written two posts today, because my college year is nearly over. I probably won't be able to post anything for the next week because my PC and me will be traveling back, home :).

Good day!

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